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Subject Birth Year Description

J.J. Ingraham (as told by son, Ingraham Adams)

1888 Machinist at the Union Iron Works and invented the fruit dicer to dice canned fruit in San Jose.
Recorded: August 1, 1993

Mary Campbell Rixford

1900 Longtime Los Altos resident.
Recorded: August 3, 1980

Marvin Adams

1905 Long time Los Altos resident.
Recorded: August 21, 1991

Mr. and Mrs. Maurer

1905 Longtime Los Altos residents.
Recorded: June 8, 1992

Mary Ross

1908 Aerospace industry expert at Lockheed Aircraft Company.
Recorded: January 27, 1998

Sam Kahn

1909 Pharmacist and owner of Sam Kahn's Corner Pharmacy.
Recorded: April 1, 1992

Dave Ellsworth

1912 Longtime Los Altos resident.
Recorded: January 4, 1989

Alan Cranston

1914 Served 24 years in the United States Senate.
Recorded: January 1, 1995

Harry Dutton

1914 Los Altos native and childhood friend to Alan Cranston.
Recorded: June 13, 1998

Charlie Hamasaki

1917 Los Altos native and served in WWII.
Recorded: April 14, 1989