Students Celebrate 50 years of Los Altos Art Docents

The Los Altos Art Docent Program is stronger than ever as it celebrates its 50th anniversary. To celebrate this accomplishment, docent volunteers wanted to include the very students they serve. Los Altos School District students were asked to participate and create a logo that embodies what the Art Docent Program means to them.

The Los Altos Art Docents are so grateful to the students who honored our program by submitting logo designs last spring. We are so proud of these young artists who took time for art at home and created thoughtful, intricate designs that celebrate our program’s rich history.

Naiel C. New Layer New Layer Art has always brought me joy and in the process of designing this logo I was thinking about how the bright colors of art can merge into this design. I was thrilled when I heard this challenge and got started almost immediately. I hope you like it.

Naiel C.
5th grade, Oak
Contest Winner
Punhal Art brings me joy and it is fun to do. I love the creativity of art.

3rd grade, Oak
Madison T. Art is a fun activity that gives me freedom to be creative and express myself.

Madison T.
6th grade, Loyola
Lotta L. I can express myself through art.

Lotta L.
6th grade, Almond
Lilly M. New Layer I see art and details in almost everything. Every time I see an Art Docent enter our classroom with their cart full of art supplies, I get excited. This logo design was inspired by that excitement.

Lilly M.
5th grade, Springer
Katelyn Y. To me, art is all about relaxing and having fun. It is an important part of my life. When I do art, I forget about everything around me. It keeps me focused and calm. When I look at my finished artwork, I feel a sense of accomplishment.

Katelyn Y.
5th grade, Covington
Elyse P. Art is important to me because it makes me feel happy and lets me express what I'm feeling.

Elyse P.
3rd grade, Almond
Elyse C. I created this logo with the colors blue, yellow, red, and green behind the fifty because I wanted them to represent the colors that are used in art. I wanted the paint brush and pencil to represent the tools that artists use and the patterns on the fifty to look like the patterns on the logo of the Art Docents. I made my logo based off of the things that artists use to create art.

Elyse C.
5th grade, Springer
Ekaterina P. Art is very important in my life. I do ballet, which is a performance art. I've been in love with this kind of art for 4 years already. My teacher comes all the way from Russia, and she doesn't speak English as fluently as I do, so I help her learn it since I speak Russian as well. Sometimes, when I have free time, I like creating artwork. It never is something specific or realistic. I draw from what I see in my imagination. This I also do in ballet but with movements. Overall, art is very important to me.

Ekaterina P.
4th grade, Covington
Edith H. Art is important to me because it is fun to do.

Edith H.
3rd grade, Oak



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