About the Exhibit

Experience the passion, the historic discovery and the talent of many local area artists who chose to “paint the town.” Artists chose from a list of historic sites from incorporated and unincorporated Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, and Mountain View provided by the Museum. Other locations were considered if they had a story of historic value associated with the building/site.  “Echoes from the Past” from pre-World War II were especially encouraged, but accepted categories included modern sites with historic value (related to the rise of Silicon Valley).

Artwork Categories:

  1. Pre World War I sites (1890-1910)
  2. World War I era buildings/sites (1910-1930)
  3. World War II era (1930-1950)
  4. Population boom years (1950 – 1970)
  5. Silicon Valley (1970 – 1990)

Map of Potential Sites with Photos

Exhibit Highlights

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