About the Exhibit

In the outdoor exhibit, “Transforming the Land,” with new interactive signage thanks to generous support from Museum members, visitors will see a sulfur drying shed, trays for drying apricots, our newly gifted Blenheim apricot tree, as well as a rebuilt tractor similar to the one that Mr. Smith used in his acres of apricot orchards. Within this area is the refurbished 1915 tank house, a three-hole outhouse, antique farm equipment, and the first Wizard Walnut Huller built long ago by the Los Altos Formway Machine Shop, a manufacturing firm once located on Almond Avenue.

In the adjacent Los Altos Heritage Orchard, just outside the back door of the library visitors will notice the Pop-Up Pollinator Garden, planted by interns of the Museum’s Orchard Commons Committee. This mini-garden is designed to attract pollinator insects.

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