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Annie, naturally endowed with artistic talent and a winsome charm, has given the Los Altos area a prolific collection of paintings, sculptures, sketches, poems and historical stories.

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Related Programs


  • Clay Animal Sculpture Class, ages 5-10 – July 23, 2008
  • Historic buildings Sketching & Painting Class, ages 8-15 – July 29, 2008
  • A Conversation with Friends of Annie – September 14, 2008
  • Music and Memories with Judith Tauber-Lovik – September 28, 2008

Educational Resources

Los Altos History Show #2
Anna Knapp Fitz discusses her early years in Los Altos and her interpretations of Los Altos’ landscape and community through painting.
Courtesy of the Los Altos History Show

Los Altos History Show #47
Merry Edwardson and Virginia Carlsen recall the life and art of Anna Knapp Fitz and discuss her involvement with the Art Docent Program.
Courtesy of the Los Altos History Show

Online Learning Resource

The Wonderous World of Anna Knapp Fitz

The Wondrous World of Anna Knapp Fitz: Let’s Explore the Art & Life of California Painter Anna Knapp Fitz! (Downloadable PDF Lesson Plan for Parents and Teachers)


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