Gadgets Galore!

30 May 2019 through 15 Sep 2019

J. Gilbert Smith House

Gadgets are an integral part of everyday life. We rely on gadgets to wake us in the morning, make our meals, communicate with each other, and more. But that wasn't always the case. Steam, electricity, and invention allowed items to be produced faster, in larger quantities, over longer hours, and distributed greater distances. This exhibit looks at how we came to have so many gadgets in our lives and where they originated.

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Our Community Prepares

19 Sep 2019 through 19 Jan 2020

Main Gallery

Los Altos History Museum

On October 17, 1989, the Loma Prieta earthquake rocked the Bay Area. As the 30th anniversary approaches, we reflect on how natural disasters have shaken our lives and how our resilient community has come together to rebuild. Co-produced with the City of Los Altos’ Division of Emergency Preparedness, the exhibition will feature historic photographs of the aftermaths of Loma Prieta and other local brushes with disaster.

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