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In the Fields of the North

19 Mar 2020 through 19 Aug 2020

Traveling with migrant workers as the fruit and harvest season moves from the Mexican border to Washington state, the exhibition sheds light on the basic questions: How much do we know about the lives of the people who feed us? Where do they live? How does it feel to do some of the hardest repetitive labor imaginable? And, what answers do farm workers themselves have to end their poverty and endless migration?

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are offering this exhibit in an online format.

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J. Gilbert Smith House

The Photography of J. Gilbert Smith

16 Jan 2020 through 20 Sep 2020

J. Gilbert Smith is best known as an orchardist and builder, but he was also an avid photographer. Whether camping in Yosemite, hiking at Big Sur, or wandering through the blossoming orchards of the Santa Clara Valley, J. Gilbert Smith captured the beauty of California’s diverse landscapes.

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