The Los Altos History Museum’s Oral History Program collects the stories and memoirs of local residents, community members and individuals who have made noteworthy and meaningful contributions to Los Altos communities and beyond. This collection of oral histories includes audio memoirs and interviews from longtime residents about life in early Los Altos as well as contemporary video interviews with everyday people who continue to shape the town.

Audio excerpts of oral histories can be accessed through our online archives below, thanks to a grant from the Farrington Historical Foundation.

Access Oral Histories

Full-length oral histories can be accessed by making an appointment with a member of the Collections Committee.  For more information on how to make a research appointment, visit Research & Access.

The Oral History Program is led by a dedicated group of oral historians of Los Altos History Museum’s Oral History Committee. For more information on how you can get involved, please visit Volunteer.

Clyde Coombs is presented with his Oral History by Oral History Committee interviewer, Patti White.

Clyde Coombs is presented with his Oral History.

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The purpose of this online form is to nominate someone you think would be a good subject for an oral history interview. Nominations need to include an explanation of the cultural, historical and/or aesthetic significance of the subject. Due to the high number of received submissions, your nomination will be added to our list of potential subjects.  If selected, the nominee will be contacted when an Oral History Program volunteer is available.

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Notable individuals we have interviewed include:

  • Arthur (Art) C. Carmichael
  • Charles (Chuck) Baker
  • Clyde Noel
  • Don McDonald
  • Dr. Usha Welaratna
  • Helen Foerster
  • Helen Furuichi Miyake
  • Hou Beiren (Paul Hau)
  • Jane Reed
  • Jim & Emily (Emy) Thurber
  • Mary Campbell Rixford
  • Mary K. (Pinky) Whelan
  • Mike Bruno
  • Richard (Dick) Henning
  • Richard G. Brannon
  • Roy & Penny Lave
  • And more!