Museum’s new exhibit offers global perspectives on local communities

By June 4, 2024June 18th, 2024In The News

History is happening now – in the stories we tell about ourselves and how we tell them.

The stories of Los Altos are being told by local artists from cultures around the world at the Los Altos History Museum’s new “Expressions” exhibit, running through Sept. 15. The exhibit includes painting, textiles, flower arrangements and video performances of dance.

Featured artists were invited to share art styles from their culture that reflected their unique perspectives on living in Los Altos and its surrounding towns. One of the stated goals of exhibits specialist Jordan Grealish was to highlight the diversity of the area, and perspectives that did not often see much attention.

“We wanted to showcase people who were from different cultures in the dominant culture,” Grealish said. “(Those) who had maybe moved here from other countries, and were using artistic styles from their cultures to express what it’s like living…more.


An Indian-inspired oil painting hangs on the museum wall. Brandon Roth/Town Crier