Best Volunteer Job Ever!

By May 2, 2024May 7th, 2024Blog

I love working in the Los Altos Heritage Orchard because it brings up so many happy memories as a child growing up in Los Altos Hills; I lived with my family in an apricot orchard.

Id run from tree to tree through the yellow mustard, and couldnt wait to devour fresh apricots straight from the trees in July. Dad made a sugar glaze hed pour on Moms apricot cobblers, and Mom made delicious apricot jams. There was a drying house down the street where we brought our harvest, halved the apricots and left them to transform into sun-dried delights. The trees were truly bountiful!

As a volunteer in the heritage orchard, I have dug ditches around trees to ensure water flow to their roots, moved compost to areas requiring additional soil, and nurtured baby trees with manual watering. I love witnessing the contributions of our smart, creative Green Teens. They have been soil testing, taking inventory of every tree, and more. My husband, Chip, has become a volunteer too!

Im so thankful to the City and Los Altos History Museum for helping us get started with restoring this precious gift from the J. Gilbert Smith family. And a huge thank you to all the orchard volunteers for their work and dedication, which have been instrumental in the revival of this cherished working orchard!

Contributed by Mary Lion,  Orchard Commons Committee volunteer

Los Altos Heritage Orchard Volunteer Mary Lion at work.