A Mosaic of Art and Diversity Converge in Museum’s Exhibition

LOS ALTOS, CA (May 7, 2024) Los Altos History Museum highlights the cultural perspectives of local artists in the exhibition “Expressions: Multicultural Artists Showcase” on display in the Museum’s Main Gallery May 23 – September 15, 2024.


Artists from Los Altos and the surrounding areas use traditional art styles from their respective cultures to portray their experiences of living in California. We wanted to celebrate the vibrant diversity within our community through art, while paying homage to the immigrant experience and the preservation of individual cultural heritage,” said Exhibits Specialist Jordan Grealish.


Featuring an array of artistic techniques including watercolors, oil paintings, and Ikebana flower arrangements, the exhibition also showcases the sacred art form of Bharatanatyam–the classical dance style of South India– through video footage and a display of costumes and traditional instruments integral to the dance.


Representing a spectrum of cultural backgrounds, participating artists showcase their heritage from regions as varied as Peru, Iran, and Sweden. Our aim is to introduce the community to the remarkable talents and diverse perspectives of these local artists, offering a fresh lens through which to appreciate the beauty of cultural expression,” Grealish said.


Complementing the exhibition are two panel discussions. On June 18, an Artist Panel will provide insight into the creative process and cultural inspirations behind the showcased works. On August 15, members of Arts Los Altos will offer a thought-provoking discussion on the intersection of art and cultural identity. In addition, on June 20, the Museum will hold a Neighborhood Block Party for the Downtown Triangle area, home to several art galleries. All programs take place from 5:30 pm-7:00 pm. Admission is $15 per person, with complementary admission for Museum members. Registration is required on the Museums website


To learn more about the Expressions exhibition, visit losaltoshistory.org/expressions.

Los Altos History Museum began in 1977 with the opening of the historic J. Gilbert Smith House, built in 1905 on 14+ acres of apricot orchards planted by Mr. Smith. In 2001, Los Altos History Museum opened the modern building next door, which houses the Museum’s collections, permanent and changing exhibits,

store and administrative offices. The Museum and its grounds are available for rent during evenings and weekends. Its collections are owned by the City of Los Altos and are managed by an independent nonprofit organization, whose staff and volunteers are responsible for all programs and operations.


The Museum is open Thursday through Sunday, from noon-4pm. Admission is free. Tours of the J. Gilbert Smith House are available during open hours. The outdoor agricultural exhibit, gardens and picnic area are accessible beyond Museum hours. For more information, visit: losaltoshistory.org, email hello@losaltoshistory.org, or phone 650.948.9427 x14.


Los Altos History Museum: Diane Holcomb, 650.948.9427 x14, dholcomb@losaltoshistory.org