Silicon Valley’s Secret History: Museum’s Evening of Intrigue

By October 3, 2023Press Releases

LOS ALTOS, CA (Oct 3, 2023) Los Altos History Museum, in partnership with the Foothill-De Anza Center for Applied Humanities, invites the public to an evening of intrigue in a program titled “Conversations and Reflections: Silicon Valley Conspiracy Theories.” This event will take place at the Museum on Thursday, October 19, at 5:30pm.


Stanford Professor Steve Blank, referred to as the Father of Modern Entrepreneurship, will unravel the secret history of Silicon Valley. In a world where Silicon Valley is synonymous with technological innovation, private venture capital, and legendary entrepreneurs, conspiracy theories have long circulated, suggesting hidden ties to government secrecy, surveillance, and wartime urgency. These theories, it turns out, are not entirely without merit.


Foothill College Humanities Instructor Natalie Letteri noted the timeliness of the series, stating, “Given the current spotlight on digital privacy and government access to information, especially with an upcoming election, we want to explore these critical issues. This is particularly relevant in Silicon Valley, a hub of major information resources like Meta and Google. This discussion will underscore the historical precedent of government involvement in surveillance originating from Silicon Valley.”


“I hope that through this series, people will gain a deeper understanding of Silicon Valley’s origins and purpose,” Letteri added. “Moreover, I hope that it will inspire thoughtful inquiries and promote informed, respectful discourse.


Complimentary wine and refreshments will be provided for attendees to enjoy.


This event serves as a pilot program of Foothill-De Anza Center for Applied Humanities’ thought-provoking “Conspiracy Theory, Gaslighting, and Rebuilding Communities Lecture and Discussion Series, Thanks to a generous grant from the Center for Applied Humanities, attendance is free to the public. Reservations are required at


About the Foothill-De Anza Center for Applied Humanities:

The Foothill-De Anza Center for Applied Humanities engages the community in exploring the richness of the humanities. The Center sponsors lectures, events, and projects that bridge disciplines and encourage the integration of the humanities with other fields and areas of inquiry.


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