History Museum grateful for support

By September 27, 2023November 17th, 2023Blog

Letters to the Editor, Los Altos Town Crier

The Los Altos History Museum wishes to express its gratitude to the Los Altos City Council for voting unanimously Sept. 12 to increase financial support for museum operations and programs.

The process leading to this increase involved several council meetings, as well as detailed analysis with city staff, as appropriate when allocating public funds. The museum in turn looks forward to leveraging this public investment with contributions from members, donors, sponsors and grantors, as well as many hours from our talented volunteers.

Consistent city support for the museum over many years, in a model public-private partnership, has created an institution our entire community can take pride in. That support has been both in funds and in services by city employees, whose care in helping to keep the museum building and grounds in great shape is much appreciated.

We’re also excited by the new stewardship with which the city has entrusted us, to reinvigorate our heritage orchard. A pilot irrigation project is already underway near the library, with more improvements and community programs in the works.

The new permanent exhibition at the museum, “Making Connections: Stories from the Land,” embodies our aspiration to be the premier local center for intergenerational and intercultural connections. We’ve told many stories, but we have many more stories to tell. From the original indigenous people to the new neighbor who just arrived in town, we welcome your ideas and suggestions.

Larry Lang, President of the Board, Los Altos History Museum

Larry Lang, Board President, Los Altos History Museum