History Museum hosts exhibition on architectural evolution of Silicon Valley

By August 15, 2023August 22nd, 2023In The News

Town Crier Report /Los Altos Town Crier

The Los Altos History Museum is set to host the special program “Conversations and Reflections: The Stories Behind the Buildings” 5:30-7 p.m. Thursday, featuring artist Richard Adler and Professor Barry Katz, whose Stanford University course on the architecture of Silicon Valley inspired a museum exhibition.

The conversation will explore the visionary tech leaders and architects who have shaped the showcased buildings.

As recently as 2013, the Los Angeles Times dismissed Silicon Valley as “an architectural wasteland.” Over the past decade, however, the picture changed dramatically as high-tech industry leaders – including Adobe Systems, Apple, Google, Meta, Microsoft and Nvidia – hired world-class architects to create iconic buildings that express their values and ideals...cont.


The Microsoft campus in Mountain View gets a unique Richard Alder interpretation in this shot, one of several photos featured in a Los Altos History Museum exhibition highlighting Silicon Valley architecture. Courtesy of Los Altos History Museum.