Apricot STEM Fair Showcases Family-Friendly Fun for Climate Resiliency

LOS ALTOS, CA (June 13, 2023) Los Altos History Museum’s Apricot STEM Fair offers experiential activities for all ages focusing on how Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) can create a more climate-resilient world. This interactive event will take place in the Museum’s courtyard and along the orchard pathway to the library on Saturday, July 1 from 10 am – 3 pm.

The event aims to shed light on how STEM disciplines drive sustainable practices, encourage environmental stewardship, and contribute to climate resilience. Through hands-on experiments, games, and demonstrations, attendees will have the opportunity to discover innovative solutions that address the challenges of climate change.

“The Apricot STEM Fair celebrates the need for continued adaptability. Just as this valley transformed from the Valley of Heart’s Delight to Silicon Valley, we need to think about what innovations are coming up next to keep things we cherish, like our Blenheim apricots, thriving in a changing climate,” said Executive Director Elisabeth Ward.

Activites include:

  • Robots: The New Green Machines – Discover how local high school Robotics Teams are driving innovation toward a more sustainable future.
  • Electrifying Electric – Learn about the transformative potential of electric engines as they replace fossil fuels and reduce carbon footprints.
  • Here Comes the Sun – Witness how the sun’s power can be harnessed to create sustainable and renewable sources of power.
  • Bar Code for Life – Uncover the fascinating impacts of climate change on the DNA of insects.
  • Water World – Embark on a captivating journey that traces the path of a droplet of H2O from the sky to your faucet.
  • Micro Macro Nature – Delve into the wonders of our Apricot Heritage Orchard as you get up close and personal with native plants and insects, discovering the vital role they play in our ecosystem.
  • Savor Nature’s Candy- marvel at how solar energy transforms delicious apricots into healthy sustainable treats.
  • Cultivate Creative Minds- unleash innovation and resilience with crafts and books in Library programs.
  • Resilient Los Altos – Experience how technology is enhancing safety measures and contributing to the resilience of our community.
  • Raffle prize drawing and free giveaway at the Museum Store.
  • And much more!

Additionally, attendees may indulge their taste buds with State of Mind pizza, Emily’s hand-churned, artisanal ice cream from Oaxaca, Mexico, and magical lemonade. Local organizations working toward climate resilience will be present, offering information and resources to families. The Museum’s Store will feature environmentally themed gifts, including plantable greeting cards and notebooks that sprout into flowers.

The event is free to attend and supported by a grant from Valley Water promoting public education of orchard sustainability practices. To learn more about the STEM Fair, visit LosAltosHistory.org/STEM2023.

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