New Los Altos History Museum exhibit brings a modern twist to history

By February 6, 2023February 10th, 2023In The News

There’s only one place in Los Altos where visitors can find a moving train diorama, augmented reality and the recorded stories of over a dozen historical figures: the new exhibit of the Los Altos History Museum.

After over two years of planning and construction, the museum’s new permanent exhibition, “Making Connections: Stories From the Land,” will open to the public next Saturday, February 11. This exhibit uses modern technology to convey Los Altos’s history, combining small-town charm with the larger, tech-focused Bay Area.

Unlike the museum’s previous exhibit, “Crown of the Peninsula,” which told the history of Los Altos chronologically, this exhibit groups stories by which part of the land they come from — the hills, creeks, valley and town. Each section has multiple screens, ranging from tablets to massive video walls, allowing visitors to scroll through expansive timelines of the stories of those who shaped the Los Altos community and beyond.

“Our intention in organizing the exhibition geographically is to underscore that we all share the same place, and it’s our collective responsibility to make it a community,” the museum’s Executive Director Dr. Elisabeth Ward said. “Our environment is a primary concern of younger generations, and we expect this exhibition to resonate with youth as well as adults.”

The hills section focuses on...cont.

The town section of the new exhibit is complete with a moving train diorama and multiple interactive screens with animated maps of the town. It is one of many sections at Los Altos History Museum’s new exhibition, opening this week, promising to add a modern touch to portrayals of Los Altos’s diverse history.

The valley section highlights the history of Silicon Valley, emphasizing how technology, commerce and businesses have shaped Los Altos.