Los Altos History Museum Unveils a Permanent Collection: “Making Connections: Stories from the Land”

By February 20, 2023In The News

Lina Broydo/La Oferta

Our young generation is in for a fabulous awakening surprise as they will learn and be at awe of the remarkable history of the place they call their home in the heart of Silicon Valley. But it is not all about chips and technology, kids! The newly opened “Permanent Exhibition, “Making Connections: Stories from the Land,” is simply amazing, educational and for us, the more seasoned citizens, is truly emotional, nostalgic and breathtaking.

Over two years in the making, the exhibition delivers an immersive experience through expansive video walls, interactive touch screens and listening stations in addition to the fascinating artifacts to tell the story of the people and events that shaped the area. And my favorite and I am sure it will delight children and adults alike, the popular train diorama as it returns with new augmented reality (AR) features that further delve into the history of the local area. Ahhh.. memories…

The history is laid out across four sections—the hills, creeks, valley, and town…cont.

Los Altos Mayor Sally Meadows with Muwekma Ohlone Tribe members at Los Altos History Museum’s new Permanent Exhibition Opening, Feb 11, 2023.