Los Altos History Museum displays artwork by local children

By September 1, 2022February 10th, 2023In The News

Staff Writer/Cupertino Today

The Los Altos History Museum will feature an exhibit displaying artwork by winners of the countywide “Peace, Love, Unity” Children’s Art Contest from earlier this year. The J. Gilbert Smith House will host the exhibit beginning September 1.

“The themes of peace, love, and unity are vitally important to the mission of the Los Altos History Museum,” said Collections Specialist Jordan Grealish. “Through our exhibits, we strive to highlight the ways we relate to each other within our community, and how we can best show our love and compassion while celebrating our diversity.”

Youth ages 5-17 were invited to use their artistic skills to spread love through the community and raise awareness about hate crimes. Submittals were judged on theme and artistry, and how well it enacted sympathy, resonance, and/or emotion in the viewer. All submissions can be viewed here.

The competition was sponsored by a mini grant from the County’s Division of Equity and Social Justice.

“The museum is so honored to house this art, which gives some of our youngest community members a way to express what…cont.

Carissa C