History museum holds interactive STEM fair

By July 14, 2022July 15th, 2022In The News

Jonas Pao / Mountain View Voice

On July 16, the Los Altos History Museum will host the Apricot STEM Fair, an event that tells the story of how science, technology, engineering and math has shaped the Bay Area, from the region’s agricultural period to the valley’s current status as a tech hub.

The fair will include hands-on activities and demonstrations with 3D printers, code and Legos, as well as workshops on binary code and Fibonacci patterns in nature. Representatives from NASA will be on hand talking about the Artemis mission, the first time a woman and person of color will land on the moon.

Visitors can also check out an autonomous Prius from Nuro and speak to company engineers about the technology of driverless cars.

And focusing on the agricultural side of things, there will also be games and…Cont.

Visitors to a previous year’s Apricot STEM fair take part in hands-on activities. Courtesy Los Altos History Museum.