What’s changed in Los Altos?

By May 18, 2022May 25th, 2022In The News

Everything and nothing

Eliza Ridgeway / Los Altos Town Crier

Janet Harding – a Los Altos resident since 1952 – grew up in a quiet, walkable city where neighbors were fairly certain to know one another, and many families had a single wage-earner, and a much quieter schedule each week. But when teen docent Parisa Braun interviewed Harding last month at the Los Altos History Museum, they riffed about the fact that life coming out of that “typical ’50s/’60s” world wasn’t entirely as cookie cutter as it seemed. The two connected as part of “Everything Old Is New Again,” an intergenerational live event April 9.

“She taught me the importance of finding joy in what you want to do, rather than trying to follow what you think others want you to do,” Braun said of Harding. “Janet’s motto is ‘You can do hard things,’ and this seemingly simple statement will definitely stick with me beyond the interview. When Janet turned 50, she swam to Alcatraz…Cont.