Local author to hold talk on the Chinese American gold rush experience

By August 11, 2021August 18th, 2021In The News

Avni Rajagopal / Midpeninsula Post

The Los Altos History Museum will host a talk by Asian American historian Connie Young Yu in a program titled “Journey to Gold Mountain: Chinese and the Gold Rush” on Thursday, Aug. 12 over Zoom.

The program will detail the experiences of Chinese immigrants during the gold rush.

Yu, who has lived in Los Altos for 50 years, is an author who writes about Asian American history. A descendant of a continental railroad worker and an immigrant to San Jose, Yu said she “always felt [she] had the background to write about this.” Although at first she didn’t include her personal family history in her work, the recent rise in anti-Asian crimes inspired Yu to become more involved in writing about the history of her own ancestors.

The reason Yu is interested in the gold rush specifically is because of how meaningful it was to the history of Chinese immigrants…cont.