Thanks from Oak Grove School!

By March 2, 2021March 4th, 2021Blog

Dr. Amy Ellison, the Museum’s Exhibition Curator, had the opportunity to talk with a class of 4th grade students at Oak Grove School in San Jose after they saw our virtual field trip of the exhibition, “Rise Up! The Fight for Women’s Suffrage.” In this blog post, the classroom teachers share their appreciation, and some of the student’s artwork related to the exhibit’s interactive activities.

Our 4th grade classes had a blast at the Rise Up! Virtual Field Trip Exhibit! We explored a few exhibits a day, looked at the artifacts, and completed the activities at each station in a slide deck. We learned about past suffragists from our local community—voices that are not conventionally included in our history texts. The activities sparked discussion and connections to our current novel of study, Karen Schwabach’s The Hope Chest with current activists, and students were inspired to make their own posters to raise awareness about causes they were passionate about. A gargantuan thanks to Dr. Ellison, who was able to visit our virtual classroom to illuminate other suffragists and answer additional burning questions the students had. Thank you to the Los Altos History Museum for a wonderful resource!

Contributed by Shelley McCracken and Josie Vu, 4th grade teachers, Oak Grove School

Thank you card from San Jose 4th graders at Oak Grove School for support with the Rise Up! Virtual Field Trip Exhibit.