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By February 7, 2021March 6th, 2021In The News

DeMartini Orchard: Oldest business in Los Altos sticks to its roots
By Dana Huch and Gil Rubinstein/ Midpeninsula Post

June 26 might just seem like a regular summer Sunday, but here in Los Altos, it’s officially known as DeMartini Day, commemorating the oldest business that still operates in the town today: DeMartini Orchard, a farmstand on the side of San Antonio, founded in 1932.

Over the almost nine decades that the store has operated, it’s passed through three families; first the DeMartinis, then the Zeitmanns before the current owners, the Kozys. Its deep roots have made DeMartini a pillar of Los Altos’ history and community.

The Kozy brothers — Craig and Tony — gained ownership of the stand in 1985 and have kept the family-run tradition alive. Craig’s son, James, began working the stand at 12 years old, and he’s grown…cont.

Aerial view of DeMartini Orchard circa 1960s, Los Altos History Museum Collection