Los Altos Celebrates 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage

By August 18, 2020Blog

“Los Altos Celebrates 100 Years of Women’s Suffrage” is the title of a series of programs sponsored by the City of Los Altos, Los Altos History Museum, Los Altos Library, Los Altos Youth Commission, Los Altos Women’s Caucus and Santa Clara County. The public is invited to attend events in person or virtually.

“The Los Altos Women’s Caucus called together all these organizations back in January to plan an exciting year of events for this special anniversary,” said former Los Altos Mayor Jane Reed. “Unfortunately, the coronavirus caused us to do some revising, but we are pleased to offer three fun and informative programs.”

Los Altos Mayor Jan Pepper led off the 2020 anniversary by issuing a City Proclamation last February, declaring the intent of the community to promote women’s equality through a series of events and raise awareness of “unfinished business” regarding gender equity.

The lineup of programs includes:

Women on Wheels,” A Community Car Parade Celebration, is set for Women’s Equality Day, Wednesday, August 26th, 3:30-5:30pm. Current and former female Council members will participate in a festive car parade that starts at Lincoln Park, goes through downtown, to Heritage Oaks Park, ending at the Los Altos History Museum. Members of the public can join the parade with advance registration. Dressing in the costume of a suffragette is encouraged. The Museum’s outdoor exhibit, “Rise Up!” will be on display. For more information about the car parade and its route click here.

Elected Women Speak Up, Saturday, September 12th, 5-6pm. Los Altos is the only California City that has an all-female City Council, and all five councilwomen (Mayor Jan Pepper, Vice Mayor Neysa Fligor, Councilwomen Jeannie Bruins, Lynette Lee Eng and Anita Enander) will be on a Zoom panel co-hosted by the Los Altos History Museum. Tune in – discover the motivations and experiences of women in politics. Register here.

Challenges for the Next 100 Years, Presented by the Los Altos Youth Commission. Zoom Panel discussions with current and future political leaders are being planned with the next generation in mind and will be presented in early October on dates to be announced later.

Suffrage events are expected to continue until the end of 2020 with an author’s talk and other programs in the planning stages.

Contributed by Vicki Reeder, “Women on Wheels” Car Parade Chair

Los Altos Mayor Jan Pepper set for “Women on Wheels” A Community Car Parade, Aug. 26, 2020.