Mexican California Ranching Days Come Alive at Los Altos History Museum

By February 26, 2019Press Releases

LOS ALTOS, CA (February 26, 2019) – Los Altos History Museum is hosting a free Rancho Day event at the Museum, where families can experience some of the daily activities it took to run a ranch during the Mexican California period, Saturday, March 16th, 12-3pm. Rancho Day supports the Museum’s bilingual exhibition, “Inspired by Juana: La Doña de la Frontera“, closing March 31st.

“We’re partnering with Hidden Villa, a working farm that raises sheep, goats, dairy cows, and pork for meat,” said Halimah Van Tuyl, co-curator of the exhibition. “They will demonstrate sheep shearing, and provide corn so kids can grind it in an old-fashioned metateand then make tortillas to eat.”

Other activities include demonstrations of saddle-making, roping, carding wool, and handiwork that was done in the mid-1800’s, during the lifetime of Juana Briones, the subject of the Museum’s exhibit. Children will be able to mix adobe clay, straw and sand to learn how earth was used as a building material in Juana’s house, and make a muslin tea bag from herbs she would have grown.

Photos related to the rodeo tradition will be on display, and children will have a chance to hear intergenerational stories from elders.

“We’re offering a scavenger hunt for children, so they can find photos and artifacts in the exhibit that echo the activities shown in the Museum’s courtyard,” said Van Tuyl. “Participating helps bring history alive so children and adults can feel and see what life might have been like during Juana’s life.”

Anyone with experience as a rodeo or horseback expert, or who can demonstrate embroidery, crocheting, or weaving, and would like to volunteer for the event can contact the Museum.

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