Stunning Digital Photography Wins People’s Choice Award

By October 10, 2018Uncategorized

Visitors to our exhibition Paint the Town II: Echoes of Our Past had the opportunity to vote for their favorite work of art. We announced the winner of the People’s Choice Award at the closing ceremony on Sunday, October 7th.

Artist Dotti Cichon won for her stunning digital photography, Phoenix Rising. And she sold the piece to Museum member and donor Don Gladstone.

“This head-on view of Hangar One that seems to be a big bird flapping its wings in triumph exemplifies it as the resurrection of a phoenix rising, surviving and living on despite attempts to bury it and make it disappear from our history,” she described. “Do you see the feathered wings and long body headed into the future? I adjusted my recent photograph to make it resemble a historic photograph that might have been taken while Hangar One was under construction in the early 1930’s and used as a postcard or poster image at that time. As such, it truly is an “Echo of our Past.”

Dotti, a born photographer, begged for a camera at the age of 6, started darkroom processing at 8, and had a photograph published in a national magazine by the age of 10. She studied photography at the University of California at Berkeley, and is an active member of Bay Area Book Artists. With over 100 solo shows to her credit, Dotti, who combines various techniques to create her mixed-media art, claims to be a rule-breaker when it comes to photography. Judging by the votes from the people, that practice has served her well.

Congratulations, Dotti!