Photos & Stories Wanted for New Museum Exhibit

By August 18, 2015December 14th, 2015Press Releases

How do you keep memories of your loved ones alive?

The Los Altos History Museum is looking for your stories and photos for its new exhibition, Spirits Return – Cultural Traditions Keeping Memories Alive, opening October 29, 2015. The exhibit will showcase how different cultures remember, honor and celebrate their ancestors–around the world and right here in the Bay Area–including Dia de Los Muertos (Mexico), Obon (Japan), Qing Ming and the Hungry Ghost Festival (China), Chuseok (Korea), Shradh (India), All Saints and All Souls Days and Memorial Day.

How we remember our ancestors is very personal. Our diverse volunteer committee has been doing lots of research, but we need community stories and images to bring real meaning and impact to the exhibit. How do you honor, celebrate and remember your ancestors? Do you follow specific traditions? Have you created your own traditions? We would love to hear from you! Share your stories and images by September 30 through the form at or contact Johanna Fassbender, or 650.948.9427 x16.


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